How you and your family can participate at Tramontin Wellness Center

The objective of our office is to improve the health and wellbeing of the spine and nerve system. accomplish this by locating, analyzing and correcting subluxations (spinal misalignments). These spina subluxations create damage to the vertebra resulting in disc, joint muscle and nerve injury. The extent of injury, (identified as a Phase of Subluxation Degeneration), is determined by the Initial Chiropractic Exam and is discussed at the "Report of Findings" visit.

Subluxations impact our day to day life experience; reducing our emotional, physical and intellectual well being. The longer these Subluxations remain uncorrected, the more damage occurs and the longer it takes to correct. Many of the newborn babies we care for have experienced spinal damage from the birth process.

Our vision is to assist individuals and families in regaining and maintaining their health throughout their life.

Our patients have demonstrated time and time again that the body heals very quickly from many of the health concerns they initially presented to us. They are able to return to school or work more quickly after an illness or injury. Many enjoy the fact that over time, the body is less prone to injury, more capable of resisting colds, flu and other sicknesses, more able to perform in the athletic arena (golf, football, tennis, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, yoga, running, walking, etc) and they are having wins academically, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Recommendations are based on clinical findings from the exam correlated with x-rays. artstlittkeeppoteitecl plettrePftlyels. The report of findings, usually presented on the second visit, will indicate how much care you will require to achieve the results you desire. You will be asked to choose the Level of Care that most fits your life and health goals at this time. At the end of initial and reconstructive care, you progress into Wellness Care.

There are two Levels of Care that build on one another as follows:

Level 1 is Initial Intensive Care
Initial Intensive Care begins the process of stabilizing and retraining your spine and nerve system. Visits are as frequent as necessary to create stabilization of the spine and allow you to achieve the results you desire. Each visit builds on the ones before. Recommendations for children are much less intensive than for adults. Progress Exams occur on a specific schedule to document response and recovery to the subluxation correction process.

Level 2 is Reconstructive Care
Reconstructive care, similar to orthodontic care, allows the spine to recover and reverse some of the years of damage occurring from the process of subluxation degeneration. Visit frequency is based on your health goals, your age and the changes noted in progress exams.

Chiropractic Wellness Care is an important ally to a lifestyle that includes Good Nutrition, Proper Exercise and a Positive mental outlook.

Wellness Care
is for individuals & their families who want to maximize the performance and health of their bodies with chiropractic care. It is available to those who have already completed their Initial and Reconstructive care plans with our office (or another chiropractic office), or those with no spinal subluxation degeneration. Wellness care visits are determined by the condition of your spine, your age, your stress & activity level and your long term health goals. The more active you are and the more active and healthy you want to be, over the course of your life; the more you will value and appreciate your Wellness Care program.